Blackcurrant, Apple & Mint

Blackcurrant is considered as a valuable fruit due to its high medicinal value and high content of polyphenol and antioxidants. Rich in Fiber, apples are one of the most popular and delicious fruits on the planet, which have been cultivated for thousands of years. Mint is a cooling herb, with a sweet taste and a pungent aftertaste. It is often associated with freshness and taste.

The energising properties of Apple, the anti-oxidative properties of blackcurrant and the soothing properties of mint combined with natural spring water can:

  • Detoxify the system
  • Refresh the body
  • Boost energy
  • Soothe the body

Nutritional Information (/100 ml)

  • energy
  • fat
  • of which saturated fat
  • carbohydrates
  • of which sugars
  • protein
  • fiber
  • salt
  • 55 kJ (13 kcal)
  • 0 g
  • 0 g
  • 2,2 g
  • 1,9 g
  • 0 g
  • 0 g
  • 0 g


Natural spring water, mint extract, apple & blackcurrant juice from concentrate.